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  • MERCUSYS® Launches AV1000 Gigabit Powerline Wi-Fi Extender — MP510 KIT

MERCUSYS® Launches AV1000 Gigabit Powerline Wi-Fi Extender — MP510 KIT


MERCUSYS®, a reliable network device provider that specializes in providing the essential devices that form the backbone of any connected lifestyle, has announced the launch of its AV1000 Gigabit Powerline Wi-Fi Extender – MP510 KIT, which is the most affordable solution for whole-home WiFi.


WiFi has become a necessity in our daily lives, but you may have been troubled by WiFi dead zones in the corners of your home. The need to expand your network has only increased. If you want to keep streaming in the bedroom, basement, or anywhere far away from your router; if you need to get a fast wired connection for your desktop in your bedroom; if a traditional WiFi extender can’t connect with your router because of thick walls; MP510 KIT is the perfect choice for you with its gigabit Ethernet port and constantly stable WiFi, extending it to every corner of your home through your existing electrical circuit without new wires or drilling.       



Where There’s an Outlet, There’s WiFi.

MP510 KIT transmits network data through your existing electrical circuit, which circumvents obstacles to your WiFi. Whether you have thick walls or a complex multi-story house, signals pass through walls, leaving no WiFi dead spots. Enjoy extended WiFi wherever you need it with a transmission range of up to 300 meters on the same electrical circuit—perfect for daily WiFi use.


Dual Gigabit Transmissions

Equipped with advanced HomePlug AV2 technology, your Powerline transmission rate reaches an ultra-fast 1000 Mbps, making full use of your internet access. The included gigabit port helps you receive a high-quality network from any one of your outlets. Plug your PCs, smart TVs, and game consoles into the Gigabit port for fast, reliable wired connections.


Plug & Play

Without complex wiring and configuration, immediately extend your network as soon as you connect one MP500 to your router and plug the MP510 extender into an outlet wherever you need network service.


If you want to unify the network settings of your home network system, just press the WPS button on your router and the WiFi Clone Button on the MP510 to copy your router’s WiFi name and password to create a single, unified WiFi network throughout your home. Any setting changes will be automatically applied to the entire Powerline network.


Easy Expansion to Fit Every Type of Home

If a typical two-pack kit doesn’t meet all your networking needs, simply add more Powerline adapters to expand your WiFi to any room.


Key Features

  • Eliminate WiFi Dead Zones – Extend 300 Mbps WiFi wherever you need via your home’s existing wiring
  • 1000 Mbps High-Speed Transfer Rate – Fast and stable transmissions with advanced HomePlug AV2
  • Super-Fast Wired Connections – A gigabit port for PCs, IPTVs, and game consoles
  • Plug & Play – Say goodbye to complex wiring and configuration, just plug and play
  • Easy Expansion – Expand coverage by simply adding more Powerline adapters





MERCUSYS’ mission is simple: to offer excellent internet access to as many people as possible. We believe that, in an increasingly connected world, everyone should have access to the tremendous wealth of information and entertainment that is available today. MERCUSYS is committed to being your trusted partner and broadening your horizons to include the infinite potential for valuable human connections that the internet provides.



*Maximum Powerline signal rates are the physical rates derived from HomePlug AV/AV2 specifications. Actual Powerline data throughput and Powerline range are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of network conditions and environmental factors, including electrical interference, the volume of traffic and network overhead, AFCI circuit breaker, and Powerline being on a separate circuit.

*Maximum wireless signal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput, wireless coverage, and the number of connected devices are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of network conditions, client limitations, and environmental factors, including building materials, obstacles, volume and density of traffic, and client location.

*Compatible with all HomePlug AV and AV2 Standard Powerline adapters. This product may not be compatible with routers or gateways with firmware that have been altered, are based on open source programs, or are non-standard or outdated.

*Up to 8 MERCUSYS Powerline Adapters can be used on the same network.



For more information about Mercusys, please visit us online at www.mercusys.com.


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