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Build Your Whole Home Mesh WiFi


Main Router*

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EasyMesh Connection

What is EasyMesh?

EasyMesh is a simple way to create mesh WiFi, using multiple access points that work together to form a unified network. This provides smart, efficient WiFi throughout your home and outdoor spaces. Easily expand your WiFi with any device that supports EasyMesh.**

* Main router is for mesh network onboarding & management while satellite devices including EasyMesh routers and range extenders are for expansion.

** Routers and range extenders must support EasyMesh. Firmware upgrades may be required.

Why EasyMesh


    No signal in the corner?


    Eliminates WiFi Dead Zones


    Dropped connections when switching rooms?


    Seamless Roaming


    Tired of complex setup instructions?


    Easy Setup


    No more budget for a new mesh system?


    Flexible Scalability

Broader Coverage, No Dead Spots

Use a router compatible with EasyMesh to expand your WiFi coverage to eliminate dead spots in every corner. Now you can play games or stream video from anywhere in your house.

Enjoy Seamless WiFi Wherever You Walk

  • Traditional Router and Extender

  • Router and Extender Compatible with EasyMesh

Effortless One-Touch Setup


    Designate your main router.


    Designate your satellite devices.*
    *Selected routers should be in satellite mode.


    Press the WPS buttons

Internet Main Router Satellite Devices

Don’t Break the Bank

Add access points compatible with EasyMesh as needed to your existing WiFi network. No need to buy a brand new set of mesh network devices at an eye-watering price.

Compatible Products

Note: The listed and higher hardware versions of these models are compatible with EasyMesh feature.