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  • Experiencing WiFi Issues? Don't Worry, Halo Can Help.

Experiencing WiFi Issues? Don't Worry, Halo Can Help.


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MERCUSYS Mesh WiFi solution for WiFi problems you care about most


We may be able to go a week without going out, but we can’t go a day without an internet connection. We have grown heavily dependent on a reliable WiFi connection for bingeing 4K movies, gaming online, chatting with loved ones, and even working from home. Our WiFi device acts as the invisible backbone of our families… At least until it suddenly stops working.


Lost when your WiFi is offline? Feeling stranded in WiFi dead spots? Can’t get your router installed?


This is where Halo H50G comes in!


Halo is designed as a comprehensive Mesh WiFi system solution for the networking issues you care about most.

MERCUSYS Mesh WiFi, Halo H50G



Large Coverage ≠ Full Coverage?

Halo Eliminates WiFi Dead Spots

There are always “dead spots” where your connection fades away or suddenly drops without warning—even if you own a router that is supposed to deliver large coverage. Average routers are designed to send WiFi in all directions but don’t always reach every room. WiFi signal strength is easily influenced by a long transmission distance, your house shape, building materials, and obstacles such as microwaves.


A better solution is to customize your WiFi to fit your house, letting the WiFi grow as your needs change. Halo H50G includes multiple units that fit any house type. Whether you are living in an apartment, ranch-style house, or multi-story house, the MERCUSYS app helps you find the best location to place your Halo to eliminate WiFi dead spots. If the regular pack is not enough for your larger home, you can expand Mesh WiFi coverage anytime by simply adding more Halos.


So go ahead, listen to music as you cook, stream a movie while relaxing in bed, or video chat with a loved one on the porch—Halo H50G keeps you connected across your entire home.

MERCUSYS Mesh WiFi, Whole Home Coverage, Halo H50G



More Wi-Fi ≠ Better Wi-Fi?

Halo Offers True Seamless Roaming

Even with multiple networks throughout your home, such as a WiFi system consisting of a router and range extender, you’ll still experience drops when you move from room to room.


Range extenders can expand your coverage, but they create multiple networks and force you to manually switch your devices to their WiFi every time you want to use them. Your WiFi performance could also be halved when signals transmit through the range extender.


With advanced Mesh technology, Halo units work together to form a single unified whole-home network with one WiFi name and password. Halo H50G delivers a true seamless roaming experience with AP Steering, Band Steering, and APS (Adaptive Path Selection), which automatically chooses the best path for all your devices and applications to keep your WiFi running as fast as possible no matter where you are.

MERCUSYS Mesh WiFi, Halo H50G



There Are Always Devices Offline?

Halo Connects over 100 Devices with Fast Internet

If you suffer from devices always dropping off because of your family has a ton of bandwidth-intensive devices that need the internet at the same time, you should give Halo H50G a try. Halo H50G harnesses the power of three separate AC1900 units, delivering super-fast seamless WiFi for over 100 devices. Featuring MU-MIMO technology, Halo keeps your phones, computers, and all IoT devices connected simultaneously and operating at peak performance.


Kids too Young for Some Content?

Halo Has Powerful Parental Controls

As children become more active online at a younger age, an innocent search can expose children to content that can make them feel upset and confused.


We know how important it is to you that your kids are safe when they’re online. That’s why Halo H50G comes with a powerful and intuitive set of parental controls that are all accessible and easy to manage right from the MERCUSYS app. You can restrict sites based on age and content ratings, as well as by categories such as social media, news, and entertainment. Halo H50G also makes it easy to view regular reports of all the internet activity in your home and schedule WiFi access and set time limits for different family members. You can even use Halo H50G to pause the internet when it’s time for dinner to make it easier for everyone to put their devices down.

MERCUSYS Mesh WiFi, Easy App Control, Halo H50G



Ugly and Unfriendly Installation?

Halo’s App Makes Setup Quick

Setting up new WiFi used to be daunting. Not anymore. With just a few minutes and the MERCUSYS app, you can get your entire home network up and running. Just unpack your Halo units, download the app for Android or iOS, and follow the on-screen directions. Halo H50G will take care of the rest, even helping you place each unit in the best spot.


Nowhere to Hide Your Wires?

Halo’s Flexible Wired and Wireless Networking

Routers, computers, laptops, switches, mini smart fans… There are always lots of devices taking up space around our homes. The appallingly entangled wires and cables that look like a bowl of rainbow spaghetti lie messily on a desk, not only looks unsightly but also creates obstacles. Halo provides the best way to simplify your wire situation, delivering robust WiFi everywhere to make all your devices go wireless stably.


Besides the stable WiFi offering for devices, there are also multiple networking methods between Halo units to transmit data, including WiFi backhaul, Ethernet backhaul, and hybrid backhaul, to make it easier for you to find the perfect way to organize home network according to your home wiring environments.


With Halo, you’ll finally have a home network that meets all your WiFi needs. Limitless, seamless, and inspiring you to accomplish anything with better WiFi.

MERCUSYS Mesh WiFi - Halo H50G




MERCUSYS’ mission is simple: to offer excellent internet access to as many people as possible. We believe that, in an increasingly connected world, everyone should have access to the tremendous wealth of information and entertainment that is available today. MERCUSYS is committed to being your trusted partner and broadening your horizons to include the infinite potential for valuable human connections that the internet provides.


For more information about MERCUSYS, please visit us online at www.mercusys.com.


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